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Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Agreement "The inside scoop"

The best investment to protect your investment

There is nothing better for your heating and/or air conditioning system than a maintenance agreement.  The service we offer is not a warranty, but a Maintenance Agreement, which is a plan to keep your equipment in its best possible running condition, and helps to keep your utility bill as low as possible.  As you already know, the air conditioning/heating system in your home gets dirty, out of alignment, less efficient and wears out with time.  What you probably don't know is that this usually happens about twice as fast when equipment isn't properly maintained. With a Maintenance Agreement, your system will be checked through various individual operations.  Each operation is completed with all necessary materials, including filters.  If by some chance a problem is found, the service technician will give you a report immediately.  The service is performed by a professional, certified maintenance technician whose skills are among the best in the industry.  He's gone through days of comprehensive classes designed exclusively for doing the best tune-up possible. A maintenance agreement allows your system to work at peak efficiency year in and year out. A system that is professionally maintained experiences considerably fewer breakdowns.

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your system is saving you money on your utility bills every time it comes on. In some instances, the energy savings are enough to pay the cost of the planned maintenance service.


Actions you can do yourself:  Keep your air filter clean, do not stack or store things near or against your furnace, and keep shrubs and bushes trimmed away from the air conditioning unit. 

What a "Maintenance Agreement" includes and how you benefit.
Tune-Up Includes:

Check evaporator coil

Clean or replace standard air filters Inspect primary and secondary drains
Clean and test condensate drain Inspect blower components Inspect condenser coil
Lubricate all moving parts (where applicable) Inspect and tighten all loose electrical connections Monitor air conditioner operating pressures for proper charge
Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors Monitor air conditioning and heating cycles Apply protective coating to outside unit
Inspect heat exchanger and burners- vacuum and/or adjust as necessary Adjust gas pressure as necessary Inspect pilot operation - adjust as necessary
Monitor flue draft for safe operation Inspect and test safety controls Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise
Inspect heat anticipator settings Inspect thermostat operations Inspect for cracked heat exchanger
Reduce Cooling and Heating Costs 
Protects Your Home
Improve Your Equipment Efficiency
Priority Customer
Add Years to Equipment Life
Agreement is Transferable
Improved Dependability
15% Discount on Repair Service
(parts and labor) Excludes Diagnostic Fee
24-Hour Emergency Service

Let us serve you by taking over your equipment's required maintenance. We service nearly every type and brand of heating and air conditioning equipment ever made.


When Wright-Bilt comes, your problems go away
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