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Solve Duct System Problems

Solving Duct System Problem's

can make a major impact on the performance, comfort and ultimately the cost to operate your heating and air conditioning system

A large amount of time and money is spent on discussing the value of new Hi-efficiency equipment, while a very common problem found today is duct systems that were either poorly designed or originally planned for a heat only application. Adding to this problem is the fact most duct systems can not deliver the correct amount of supply or return air.

The results are higher than necessary utility bills caused by a duct system that makes it difficult to keep your home comfortable. That new Hi-efficiency Air Conditioner will never deliver its full potential if the duct system it is connected to is not doing its part.

There are several ways to make your duct system better.  

Sealing Leaky Ducts:can make a major improvement in the performance of any Heating & Air Conditioning Systems ability to deliver air where it is needed.   

According to Georgia Power...

"20-30 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks and poorly sealed connections". 

Air that is lost to the attic or crawl space has to be replaced from "somewhere". That somewhere is most often from undesirable areas like every crack and crevice of you home that air can infiltrate. A tool we use called a Duct Blaster can measure the leakage before and after repairs to in order measure the improvement. This machine can also quickly help to determine if the effort to improve the existing ducts is worth the investment or if replacing the problem is a better answer.   

Adding Return or Supply Air: can improve and solve many system problems. The lack of the correct amounts of return and supply air duct or grill openings is a very common problem that can make it appear as if that "old unit " is not performing well. By using the correct tools to determine the amount of return and supply air that is delivered by your system, we can provide improvements that results in better airflow and comfort for your family.

The benefits you will receive by finding and resolving these problems include: quieter operation, better airflow, more even temperatures, fewer equipment repairs, longer life of your equipment, lower utility bills and, best of all, greater comfort.

When Wright-Bilt comes, your problems go away
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